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Oil and Engine Care, Fuel Additives and Carbon Guard

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BRP Evinrude Johnson XD Outboard Oils

Item: 764354, 764357, 764349 Order Now from our new parts site. BRP XD Oils replace the Ficht Ram injection oil.

It's performance is enhanced with synthetic blend oil that meets the specific demands of direct injection outboards and 2 cycle outboards that specify TCW3 certiified oils.

Reduced smoke
Excellent lubricant for increased protection against wear.
Contains combustion cleaner to keep carbon in suspension and away from critical engine components.
Preferred for high load and performance applications for greater dependablity, reliability, and reduced maintenance.
Formulated for extreme cold weather conditions.

BRP Evinrude Johnson XD 50 Outboard Oil

BRP Evinrude Johnson XD 100 Outboard Oil

BRP Evinrude Johnson XD 30 Outboard Oil


BRP OMC Evinrude Johnson Fuel Additives

Item: 766216, 766209, 766210 Order Now from our new parts site.  

Size: 8 oz bottle
2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner New Formula!

Size: 16 oz bottle
2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner New Formula!

Size: 32oz bottle
2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner New Formula!

Evinrude 2 Plus 4 Fuel Conditioner Keeps your engine free from build-up.

Protect your engine and investment. Build-up in the fuel system will lead to many problems. Prevention is the key. Fuel additives can help.

The 2 plus 4 fuel conditioner, (from the OMC Evinrude Johnson line of fuel treatments), can help keep any 2- or 4-cycle engine free of build up.

Gasoline left sitting in your outboard engine can develop into gum deposits and varnish build-ups. As the gum, carbon, and varnish builds up on the internal components of the engine, performance decreases, and damage to the engine can occur.

Winterizing your engine for off-season is highly recommended. Don't forget to use fuel conditioner to help keep the engine free from build-up. Draining the entire fuel system will also prevent build-up, but this is a very time consuming project - and usually unnecessary if you utilize a high quality fuel conditioner.

Treating the fuel is simple. Start with a partially filled tank, it is easy to add the amount of conditioner and stabilizer (such as the 2 plus 4 fuel conditioner) required, and fill up the tank again. Many sources recommend running the treated fuel into the engine prior to the duration of storage. Doing so can insure treated fuel reaches every part of the fuel system, and greatly decrease the risk of build up.

The Outboard Wizard stocks only genuine Evinrude - Johnson 2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner.

Evinrude Carbon Guard

Item: 7756329 Order Now from our new parts site.  
Size: 12 oz bottle
Carbon Guard
Too much carbon in an engine, will decrease performance and engine life.

Carbon Guard, a gasoline additive, will help to decrease carbon build up and also will remove some of the existing build-up inside an engine. It's a good idea to add genuine Evinrude Johnson carbon guard to every few tanks of gas.Some people will wait to add carbon guard for as much as every 500 gallons of gas - probably too long. Remember this is an inexpensive additive and keep in mind that many manufactures, (including Evinrude/Johnson), will not honor the warranty when there is an excess of carbon build-up on the engine.

Carbon Guard works best when used in conjunction with other fuel treatments such as fogging oil and fuel conditioner. Fogging oil helps prevent rust and corrosion from condensation. Stabilizers or fuel conditioners (such as 2 plus 4 fuel conditioner) will help reduce the build-up of gum and varnish.

Evinrude Carburetor Cleaner

Item: 777191 Order Now from our new parts site.
Size: 11 oz spray can
Carburetor and Choke Cleaner
Evinrude Carburetor and Choke Cleaner is formulated to remove gum and varnish.

Evinrude Anti-Corrosion Spray

Item: 777193 Order Now from our new parts site.
Size: 11 oz Spray can
Anti-Corrosion Spray
Evinrude Anti corrosion spray is a heavy, waxy coating specifically designed to protect your engine from rust and corrosion in marine environments and is highly effective against corrosion caused by salt water and salt spray.


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